Email 2FA with keycloak and PrivacyIdea

Is there any guide or explanation on how to use PrivacyIdea email 2FA with keycloak?

I have already tried to install privacyidea with keycloak but in enrollment token type appears only Totp and Hotp , is there anything missing?

Hello Rasha,

welcome to the community. Sure there is such a guide. See for example this guide:

But your problem may be related to the privacyIDEA policies you have set?

Best regards,

Henning Hollermann

I have added the privacy and policy URL to keycloak config , also i created email policy in privacyIdea , also keycloak and privacyIdea connected with the same database and stmp configs configured in privacyIdea
what is missed ?Screenshot from 2020-09-02 16-19-00 (1)


enrolling email token by the keycloak plugin is not implemented. You will have to enroll the token using privacyidea.

Thank you Nils! Rasha, in case you have the email addresses of your users somewhere available to privacyIDEA, you may think about using some event-handler to automate the rollout for you.