Yubico OTP as remote token

Good morning,

Since it looks like we will be migrating to Yubikeys it would be nice to use Yubico OTP (44 character AES, no synchronisation issues) instead of 6 character HOTP, but we noticed problems with remote tokens that are based on Yubico OTP tokens. Yubico OTP use 44 characters. Remote token connected to them are automatically configured to 6 characters so most of the OTP is cut of.

Has anyone found a way do use Yubikeys with Yubico OTP as remote tokens without diverting to HOTP?

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Either you would have to set the otplength of the remote token to 44, or you would have to do “check pin remotely” with the remote token.

“check pin locally” will split the given password according to the otplenght of the remote token.

Thank you for your reply!

Sadly we have to check the pin localy because the pin is the AD password and since the remote token belongs to a different AD user, the password/pin is different. I would like to change the otplength for the remote token, but the field isn’t editable. I will contact support when our reorder is finished.