You are using privacyIDEA with more than 50 users

Hello together,
after reading through the documentation the welcome message about the SLA agreement shouldn’t pop up if you have configured the following policy?

pi-manage policy create welcome_disable webui hide_welcome_info


We are running privacyIDEA 3.3.3.
Is there another setting to hide it?

Thank you.

Hello @Julian,
you are right about the policy. But it reappears if you have more than 50 users with an active token.

You could only patch the code or import a subscription file.

Hello @cornelinux,
thanks for the response.
It would be great to get the possibility to disable the popup in a feature release.
I can understand that there is a financial interest of selling the Enterprise Edition but I expected this is possible to hide without rewriting the privacyIDEA code.

Have a nice weekend.


Hi @Julian,

thank you for your feedback. The note can be hidden for up to 50 users and then reappears.
Why do you expect, that the note should be deactivatable forever?

Thanks a lot

Hello Cornelis,
because privacyIDEA is advertised as an open-source and solution free of use.
This “sales” note marks the product in a negative way.
I think if organisations want to have the enterprise version they are aware of it and it’s not needed to force the message every time logging in.
Just my two cents :slight_smile:


Hello @Julian,

thanks a lot for the feedback and your perception. privacyIDEA is not advertised as a free-of-charge solution (although it still is) but as an open source solution.
I think you are mixing up free beer and free speach. We are totally emphasizing on the later which is the far more important aspect for us, for enterprises and the whole world.

Having this note does not make it less free as in free speach. It might however remind the user of the fact that it does not come as free as in free beer. A company using privacyIDEA will always have to pay someone, to have the system up and running. Could be the longer time of the own employees or the additional time of any external consultant.

If there was a big enterprise, that would be annoyed by this note, I am wondering why this big enterprise would not

a) write it’s own web ui
b) integrate privacyidea into its workflows and portals using the REST api.

In case of b) – which I see very probable here (if the big enterprise does not only want to use privacyidea as a free-beer-dropin-replacement for RSA SecurID) – then the helpdesk users of said big enterprise will never see this note again.


PS: Actually it was you who advertised privacyIDEA as free of charge - not me :wink:

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@julian: Last note for today: I opened an issue, since it is actually true that we are at least missing some more clearance about the 50 ways to leave your… …privacyIDEA.

Hello Cornelius,
I get your point. I am just running a small development environment with about 60 tokens and didn’t understand why the message appeared again and again. Yeah that’s true: I advertised privacyIDEA as free of charge and still have this opinion. I do not have a problem with the popup in general (only administrators see it) but the documentation was not clear about this.

Thanks for putting some more clearance about this behavior in the future.

Keep up the good work.


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