X509 setup:pi.caconnector' doesn't exist

I recently started testing auth method for the tool and can get pi-manage ca create -t local myLocalCA to work.
The error is pymysql.err.ProgrammingError: (1146, “Table ‘pi.caconnector’ doesn’t exist”)
Can anyone tell me what steps I am missing?


No, we can not tell.
We do not know, what steps you have taken.

Pro Tip: Actually in the context you are running, there does not exist a caconncetor table.

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Hi Cornelinux,

I was originally using the pi-manage script to setup a local ca server (Here), but the script seems to be calling a table called ‘pi.caconnector’ which seems to not be a thing.
On the good side, the manual way (Here) seems to be running smoother for me.