Web Login instructions

Good Day

I am testing the privacyidea for my organisation and need some assistance setting up the web-login.The privacyIDEA2.23.5 is installed on my Ubuntu server. The next step is to integrate the software with a web-login website that is running on a Windows server, Windows Sharepoint or Windows Scom server. Can I get some instruction what to do next?

Thank you in advance.

Hello MrMike,

welcome to the privacyIDEA comunity.

privacyIDEA allows a lot of different authentication protocols like RADIUS, SAML, OAuth, REST API. So this is a bit generic question, which we can not answer with the few info you provided.
And by the way this is one thing our company does consulting for.

However, you might start to take a look at the REST API for authentication:
This is where an application can send username and password (PIN and OTP) of an enrolled second factor.

You may also take a look at certain other web application plugins like the one for owncloud (PHP) and for keycloak (Java) as example implementations.

Kind regards