Want to invoke PrivacyIDEA API via KeyCloak APIs

Hi All,

I am new to PrivacyIDEA and have integrated PrivacyIDEA as a plugin in Keycloak. Every thing works fine if I use keycloak login screen and integration work seamlessly fine; However, the requirement I have is to use only keycloak API for 2FA (PrivacyIDEA). I am not getting any such API in keycloak that will internally invoke PrivacyIDEA. The idea here is that I dont want to use PRivacyIDEA directly for 2FA. For us keycloak is the only interface i have for user authentication.

Any help on this?

I am stuck from last 2 days.

Dinesh Patel

i do not really understand your requirement. If you want to use keycloak with privacyidea, you need to use our plugin - as that is the way intended by keycloak to integrate other parties. Otherwise, you would need to edit the source code of keycloak which would be pretty stupid.

Thanks for the proactive response.

I am using privacyIdea plugin in keycloak.
Setup is as follow

  1. I have setup browser Authentication flow and have used PrivacyIDEA plugin in it.
  2. User is already enrolled in PrivacyIDEA
    3 Configured Custom Browser Flow with PrivacyIDEA settings. (This works fine when I use keycloak login page)

Requirement : I do not want to use keycloak login page instead would like to use keycloak APIs to validate a user. User will be validated in keycloak however passcode needs to be validated via privacyidea.


and what happens if you try to log in using the keycloak api?

PrivacyIdea APIs are not invoked (/validate/check). Could be I am missing some basic configuration in keycloak for API way invocation, don’t know what. :frowning: Any reference would be of great help.

You dont even say what you did - what you sent, what the response was, what is written in the keycloak log. Nobody will be able to help you like this, maybe you should ask that question in a keycloak forum.