VPN to Radius. Privacyidea log error

I have a issue to set 2FA via radius on a VPN. My client (the firewall) is
When I test my radius configuration like that it work :
echo 'User-Name=cim\test1, User-Password=otp | radclient -s localhost auth testing123

When I test it from de Web interface it work to

I collected those log when I try to use my Radius on my client.
my radius is on the same vm as my privacyidea server


what is the meaning in those log of :
Proxy ::1 not allowed to set IP to
There is no manchiine with IP=IPAddress(‘::1’)

Web interface info

Override Authorization Clients =,

::1 is localhost in IPv6. When the FreeRADIUS server runs on the same machine as privacyIDEA, the requests appear to be from localhost. If You add ::1 to the list of Override Authorization Clients the warning should disappear.