Validate Check and RADIUS Timeout?

I’m running into an issue where some users are logging in with their PIN+OTP via RADIUS and they’re getting failed authentication. Checking the radius logs, I see they’re putting in the correct PIN, but I also see

Info: rlm_perl: Request timeout: 10
Info: rlm_perl: elapsed time for privacyidea call: 1.60792

Is that first line just an informational letting me know what the current time-out is configured to?

This issue is being reported by another team member who says that if they log into PrivacyIDEA as an admin and set the user PIN to exactly what it was before, the user can login successfully.

Yes, see here:

If a user fails to authenticate against privacyIDEA you need to take a look into the privacyIDEA audit log.

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Alright…had some time to dig into things with this and found the problem. I had an event that was improperly configured set to assign a random pin.

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