Using PrivacyIDEA for MFA, Active Directory, OpenVPN Pfsense

Hi All,

I’m using Pfsense OpenVPN with Active Directory authentication and i wlould love to know if it is possible to use MFA authentication based on Privacyidea server to provide OTP authentication combined with Active Directory to access OpenVPN.


It should work.

Link PrivacyIDEA to Windows AD users (LDAPresolver).
OpenVPN talks RADIUS; make it query PI for authentication…

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thanks a lot Henry :slight_smile:

will i need to install freeradius in PI?

apt-get install privacyidea-radius
And then you need to whitelist your OpenVPN server to request authentication…

How to configure OpenVPN I don’t know, never used it…

thanks a lot Henry. I’m running my PI server on Centos 7.

Hi @Anas_Maarif,

as we do not package rpms for the community-edition, you should check out The configuration documentation can be found here:

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Thanks a lot Henning.