Uses and subscription

I just wanted to know below, i know there should not be something so called free specially rich product like PI, despite of that, i heard from everyone is that this is Open source and can be unrestricted and only support and other enterprise features can be purchased as subscriptions when required, not mandatory.
Can someone put light on this:

  1. for how many users this product is open source (subscriptions is not required ) this is specially if only 2FA is required for VPN using Radius authentications?
  2. if we have LDAP based authentication for web applications, i came to know that limitation of LDAP-Proxy is max 50 users / token, is this correct ? What will happen if user more than 50 ? Will it stop working ? Anyway to increase this limit without subscription ( i know i must not ask this but just want to see from every angle )
  3. can we purchase subscription only for proxy-Ldap or required module ?
  4. what all features, plugin and modules are required subscriptions for more than 50 users ?
  5. Can we buy one time support for community version server and basic KT download ?

I know my question is bit lengthy, request if someone can answer.
Thank you so much.


privacyidea restricts the unsubscribed use of the ldap proxy to 50 users.
If you know how to do this, you could build your own subscription.
An abstract view on this is: You need knowledge to run ldap proxy with more than 50 users. Either your own knowledge or you buy the knowledge.

This very much depeonds on where you are purchasing/from whom you are purchasing what.

You mean, which modules need a subscription?

Usually you can buy anything - again, it depends on from whom you are buing. What is “KT”.

Yes, just wanted[quote=“cornelinux, post:2, topic:1796”]
This very much depeonds on where you are purchasing/from whom you are purchasing what.

Thanks for your quick revert, can we connect one to one to understand more if you have some time ?
Will be great to get exchange thoughts

Could you plz revert