User creation asks password always

I have user database and sql resolver that mapped like this:
{ "userid" : "id", "username": "username", "password" : "password", "mobile" : "mobile" ,"email" : "email", "givenname" : "givenname", "surname" : "surname","phone" : "phone"}

When I try to create user PI says must be fill password and e-mail section. But I dont need password for users. Becaue I use only motp.
Which configuration decide to password or e-mail or something is mandatory or not?
How can I cahnge it?

Altough This link says only username and userid is mandatory every user creation asks password and when I fill the password box the button becomes enable.

You could remove the password entry from the map in the resolver configuration. This way the password field won’t be displayed in the add new user dialog.

Yes changing resolver, solve the view of page. Abut When I try to create a new user PI warn me as shown screenshotSelection_003
So, still I can’t add user without password

This happens here

and here:

Please note, that privacyidea is not ment to be a user management system.

If you do not need a password, you can safely set it to anything. It will not influence your motp authentication behaviour.

Thanks for reply. I need this information, because after test I will import near 700 mOTP (motpas) user here.