Upgrading from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04. and Privacyidea 2.221 to 3.1

I’m hoping to attempt an upgrade from 16.04-18.04 soon. I will also be upgrading privacyidea from 2.22.1 to the current version (3.1). Is there anything I should be aware of or concerned about? Any gotchas or any prereqs?

  1. You would first upgrade on your 16.04 to 2.23.5

  2. I probably would now run the do-release-upgrade after having made a backup of the /etc7privacyidea directory and the database.

  3. run do-release-upgrade. The repository will probably be deactivated. Remove it after the relese-upgrade.

  4. Add the new repository for xenial as descripbed here:

  5. Check if the package was removed, either install it or run an apt update && apt dist-upgrade.

Ah, short answer: No gotchas. Simply run a backup.

thanks for the info. upgrade went very smooth. only issue I had was with my pi.cfg (I had to re-add my admin realm). thanks again for the help!

looks like the clients.conf for freeradius didn’t migrate, nor did freeradius start up automaticly after installing and rebooting. Both pretty easy to address once I figured out what was gonig on.

This is no migration. The FreeRADIUS is an update.
I think in 18.04 it is FR3 and not FR2 anymore, which has its config files at other locations.