Upgrade 3.2 to 3.4.1

I installed PrivacyIDEA 3.2 from repositories on ubuntu 18.04. I read the documentation that states I can run apt-get dist-upgrade to perform the upgrade. Is there anything I need to be aware of or additional configurations that I need to make? I’ve heavily modified the UI through the use of Apache rewrites, will I need to reconfigure privacyidea.conf under sites-enabled? We also utilize the freeradius integration, anything to be aware of from that aspect?

Usually all changes that might affect an update are noted here:

The update via apt should not touch a modified privacyidea.conf (and there shouldn’t be any changes anyway).

Guess I forgot to hit the submit button the other day when I completed my upgrade.

I am post-upgrade and the upgrade process did really well. All the primary functions still work, token authentications within the GUI and token authentication via freeradius are testing successful.

The only areas I have run into minor issues is with the GUI.

  • Apache sites-enabled config file was completely overwritten, had to restore from a backup. Actually, I just modified the new one referencing the backup. I didn’t want to overwrite a new setting. Technically this is a bit more than minor as it manages the web server configuration and I’ve got some extra hardening configurations here. Getting back to my configured state was only a couple minutes though.
  • favicon and title reverted to defaults. This was expected as I couldn’t get an apache rewrite rule for header.html
  • Added Dashboard menu item to custom menu.html
  • A couple minor CSS changes to get the UI to properly align again.