Unable to download privacyidea.conf.disabled

I’m installing PrivacyIdea v3.6.3 on RHEL 8 following the CentOS7 instructions. I’m reading the documentation in Section 1.2.3 and Subsection “Setting up the Apache webserver” it instructs you to download the file “privacyidea.conf.disabled” from the githubusercontent.com site. ps://raw.githubusercontent.com/NetKnights-GmbH/centos7/master/SOURCES/privacyidea.conf.disabled I’m receiving a 404 File Not Found when trying to download this file. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

You mean this documentation?

Download here the enabled one

Yes that documentation. It says to download privacyidea.conf.disabled but that file doesn’t exist. Should i substitute the privacyidea.conf instead?

Command from documentation:
curl -o privacyidea.conf https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NetKnights-GmbH/centos7/master/SOURCES/privacyidea.conf.disabled

Hi Chris,

the file has been renamed. We have to update our documentation.