Ubuntu PrivacyIdea package dependency issue?

Hi Dear Community !

I tried to upgrade a full working PrivacyIdea 2.23.5 to 3.2.2 on an Ubuntu 16.04 (x86).
I read carrefuly the READ_BEFORE_UPDATE and Ubuntu Installation/Upgrade in the documentation.

Unfortunately, the upgrade fails because of an unsatisfied dependency :

# apt install privacyidea-apache2

Following packages has unsatisfied dependencies !
 privacyidea-apache2 : Depends: privacyidea (>= 3.0) but it is not instalable

When looking at the control file inside the privacyidea-apache2_3.2.2-1xenial_all.deb package, I can see there is a requirement for a ‘privacyidea’ package,

Package: privacyidea-apache2
Source: privacyidea-server
Version: 3.2.2-1xenial
Architecture: all
Maintainer: Cornelius Kölbel <cornelius.koelbel@netknights.it>
Installed-Size: 44
Depends: privacyidea (>= 3.0), apache2, mysql-server | mariadb-server, mysql-client | mariadb-client, libapache2-mod-wsgi-py3, rng-tools
Conflicts: libapache2-mod-wsgi, nginx, nginx-full, privacyidea-nginx
Section: net
Priority: optional
Description: 2FA system. This is a meta package to install privacyidea with apache2
 privacyIDEA: identity, multifactor authentication, authorization.
 This is the package that installs all requirements to run privacyIDEA in the
 Apache2 Webserver.

But I cannot get it in the repository, I can only see these packages :

# apt search privacyidea
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done
privacyidea-apache2/stable 3.2.2-1xenial all [can be upgraded from : 2.23.5-1xenial]
privacyidea-nginx/stable 3.2.2-1xenial all
privacyidea-radius/stable 3.3-xenial all [can be upgraded from : 2.23.5-1xenial]
privacyideaadm/now 2.5-1 all [remaining configuration]
python-privacyidea/now 2.23.5-1xenial all  [installed, local]

Single ‘privacyidea’ package does not exist. (Is it missing in the 32bits architecture ?)

I made some searches in the forum and found nobody pointing this.
Did I miss something or there is really something bad here ?

Many thanks !

Hi @RedQuarck
welcome to the privacyIDEA Community, which you are a part of now! :slight_smile:

Good point!
With privacyIDEA 3.0 we only built 64bit packages.
I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards

Hi Cornelius,

Thanks a lot for your answer. I will then switch to 64 bits :slight_smile:
I take the opportunity to thank you for your choice of open source for PrivacyIdea.
This is really a nice and great software !!

Best regards !

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