U2F token enrollment problem ('clientwait' state)

Hi all,
I have (basic) question about U2F token enrollment:

I’m unable to enroll U2F token using GUI/admin environment.
Any try ends with token (Yubikey 5C) in ‘clientwait’ state and no further interaction with token (same even without token inserted)…

Unfortunatelly I’m unable to found any lead in privacyidea.log (DEBUG) or in available docs…

BTW: some other token types (TOPTP) entollment works as expected.

My testing environment:

privacyidea 3.8.1 (installed from Ubuntu package, Ubuntu LTS 22.04)
U2F AppID: https://
GUI: MacOS Ventura/Safari browser

Thank you VERY MUCH in advynce for any help or suggestion!

Best regards,

It could be, that U2F has already been removed from your browser.
It is being replaced by webauthn.

How easy, solved :slight_smile:
Many thanks for your suggestion!

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