Translation of fields values eg. push_text_on_mobile and push_title_on_mobile


First I would like to congratulate the development team, the product is really amazing. The existing documentation is very good, we were able to install with Postgres over SLES 15. We also installed RADIUS and LDAP Proxy. Everything is working fine until now.

I just have a question, can I translate fields values?

I would like to have push_text_on_mobile and push_title_on_mobile in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

If the user has a phone with OS in ES, is receives the value in ES.

Or may be a condition with looking AD language field and sending the values according its language


privacyIDEA does not know which language the phone is on.

Currently you can define different policies with different push_text....
One policy can have an English push text, the other policy can define a Spanish push text.
The policies can depend on the existing conditions. (Like IP address range or HTTP headers).

However, as stated we do not know the language of the phone.

Hi, thank you, Cornelius.