TOTP QR Code customization

Asking this question because I do not see anything about it in the documentation and after searching through the forum have not seen it come up anywhere. I have other HTML customizations already configured. Is it possible to customize the TOTP QR code naming? To clarify, when enrolling a TOTP token with say Google Authenticator via the presented QR code, the new “account” shows up as “privacyIDEA”, is there a way to change the name that is assigned to the new “account” from “privacyIDEA” to say “COMPANYNAME”? I’m pretty sure this comes from the QR code itself, I am just not sure exactly how/where to manipulate this?

Additional information, I am running PrivacyIdea 3.5 via Ubuntu 20.04 package installation utilizing the pre-built Apache2 web server. This question came up during a migration/rebuild from PrivacyIdea 3.0 that was running on Ubuntu 14 while reconfiguring the customizations that had previously been implemented.

what you are searching for is in the enrollment-policy, named tokenissuer and tokenlabel

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