Tokenwizard Customization

I have read the documentation relating to the tokenwizard customization and I am still a little confused. I read the post that was from Aug '18 but, that did not answer my question. Essentially, I understand that I need to create the following 4 files:
Before the token is enrolled you can add your custom text in these two files
static/customize/views/includes/ static/customize/views/includes/token.enroll.pre.bottom.html
When it is enrolled and the user needs to do something (e.g. scanning the qr-code), you can modify the text here:
static/customize/views/includes/ static/customize/views/includes/

I also looked at the token.enroll.html file and I see where it is referencing the location, I also understand how to create a different directory etc… and locate the customizations there as well. My question is what kind of formatting do these files need to be in? Do I need to format these newly created files as HTML or can they be plain text? Also, are there and specific HTML formatting requirements for this specifically, is there a template that needs to be followed or something that exists already that can be copied and modified?

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…and immediately with a challenging topic - the customization!

Luckily your final answer is quite easy! :wink:
The files are loaded as normal HTML. I think you might be able to add some tags, but basically the file could look like this:

You successfully enrolled your token!
Please take care of your smartphone and report 
to <a href="">our helpdesk</a>
if you have any further questions!

Simple as that.

Thanks for the quick response, that helps alot.

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