Token2 OTPC-P2 programmable card

Does privacyIdea support hardware token Token2 OTPC-P2 programmable card ?


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as long as the token supports the RFC-6238 TOTP standard, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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As @plettich pointed out, the tokens are TOTP, so privacyIDEA supports them.
These tokens look like Feitian tokens, which we also use a lot with privacyIDEA. You need to assure that the burner tool exports the burnt seeds, since the burner tool most probably will not communicate with privacyIDEA directly. :wink:

Thank you very much. Since I’m new to privacyIdea I will look more once we start testing privacyIdea with such tokens.

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Here you find information about importing token seeds.


When I tried to import it uses hashlib sha1. I need sha256.
How to make csv file that it imports tokens to use hashlib sha256?
Please let me know.


Basically, I would like to import tokens with 64 byte base64/base32 seeds. And converting it using and importing it gives hashlib sha1 and authentication verification fails because this hardware token’s hash is based on sha256.

Got it working using hack, which is maybe not right solution:

#    if default_hashlib and default_hashlib != "auto":
#        init_param['hashlib'] = default_hashlib
    init_param['hashlib'] = "sha256"

I guess right solution would be adding another column to csv file and handling that in code.

If the CSV file contains a 64 byte long seed, privacyIDEA should automatically import this as sha256.
The import looks at the length of the seed:

40 bytes -> sha1
64 bytes -> sha256