Token Wizard customisation issue

Hi there,
Ive been customising the text shown in the token wizard by creating files as per the documentation. i.e. ive created a in the required location and this worked and added the text i had added. However i updated the text in the file and not been able to get the changes to be reflected in the wizard. It just shows the original text, Assume i need to refresh something or clear a cached file but not sure where. Have tried restarting services such Apache and freeradius but so far nothing is working. And cant see anything documented on this.

Any help/guidance much appreciated.


Just clear your browser’s cache or run private browser window to make sure your text is updated.
No need even to restart web server.

And better use rewrite rule and not edit original files.
Check here:

Your rewrite rule(/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/privacyidea.conf) is like this:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule "/static/components/login/views/login.html"  \

Ok thanks now sorted. We are publishing the token enrollment GUI through our own customised browser developed in .NET that doesnt have a facility for clearing the cache so that contributed to the issue we were having.