Thousands of LDAPIdResolver logs


I’m running privacyIDEA 3.6.3 on an Ubuntu container, I’m getting thousands and thousands of these logs all of a sudden…

[2021-12-13 13:33:53,100][284][139705196398336][INFO][privacyidea.lib.resolvers.LDAPIdResolver:322] Setting system wide POOLING_LOOP_TIMEOUT to 10.

Does anyone have any ideas why this is? We’re starting to experience login failures.


To my knowledge this message gets written during the loading of the LDAP resolver module. Which should happen only once in a “normal process setup”.

So I would check if the processes in your container keep somehow respawning.

It may be that a container couldn’t reach the privacyIDEA server. I think it is fixed now. Thank you for your help.

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