System requirements and update


Can anyone tell me what are system requirements for PI? And is the are any issuse with updating 2.10.2 to latest?

The system requirements depend on what you want to do, what load you expect.
You could start with 5GB of Harddisk, 256MB of RAM and 1GHz of one CPU core if you only have a few users with a few authentications.
You can image you can scale up! :wink:

You can update from 2.10.2 to 2.23.3 without too big problems.
If you are running an ubuntu installation, this works without any problems.
If you are running a pip install, you need to take care of the database schema update.

Is update need to be version to version like 2.10-2.11-2.12 and etc, or i can just skip this steps and update right to 2.23?

And one more question - to update PI we dont need to buy anything?

You can update right to 2.23.
The DB migration script will do all changes.