Success stories MFA for AD installation on Debian 10?


I try to install privacyIDEA solution on Debian 10 (amd64) to use MFA mechanism for Microsoft Active Directory (On-Premise without any AzureAD possibilities).

I see that Ubuntu already have a “compiled version packages” but unfortunately it not available for Debian. Our company want to use Debian only.

I tested to install the privacyIDEA following procedure in the documentation section of the website. The privacyIDEA deamon seem to run perfectly on tcp/5000… But I’m still blocked at the step to integrate it with Apache2 because nothing is clear.

Then if someone have something to share, I appreciate it !!!

Hi @ggbce,
welcome to privacyidea.

Take a look at the pip install guide of the privacyIDEA documentation and at the postinstall-script of the ubuntu packages of privacyidea-apache2 or privacyidea-nginx.
You will basically have to do the same steps on debian.