SSH Key Management on Ubuntu 20.04

On a fresh Ubuntu 20.04, I get the following errors while running
sudo pip3 install privacyideaadm

Is there any other way to install the current tooling, as there are no packages in the repository to perform an installation through APT.

Thanks for any feedback!

Hi Thing_Tran

a specefic version of sphinx should be use: pip install sphinx==6.1.3

please try this:

virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 privacyideaadm
. privacyideaadm/bin/activate
pip install sphinx==6.1.3
pip install git+

This should be works on ubuntu22 and ubuntu20



Hi julio
I have already resolved this error, Thank a lot.
but I get the following errors while running : privacyidea-authorizedkeys root

Thanks for any feedback!