Sqlite connection -> failed to retieve users:users

I installed PRIVACYIDEA on an Ubunutu 20.04, I followed the instructions from GITHUB here.

The WEBGUI can be opened, but if I want to link the SQLITE DB, I get the following error:

I have not created a config and have not changed the existing one under / etc / privacyidea / privacyidea /.

What did I miss?

Many thanks for the support

We do not know how your user database looks like.
Maybe it does not exist.
You might get more information from the log file.

Since I can only upload 1 picture, I made a picture out of the post. I hope it helps you.


You only need 3 slashes for SQLite in the SQLAlchemy URL:

SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI = 'sqlite:///etc/privacyidea/data.sqlite'

When I do this I get this error:

And when I wrote SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI = ‘sqlite: ////etc/privacyidea/data.sqlite’ everything is fine.

Sorry, You already said that the UI works.
You only need the Driver, Server and Database entries for an SQLite database, Port, User and Password should not be set.

This is were i start with my Problem. I tested it again.

Is the ldap in the URL right?

You should take a step back here and rethink, what you are trying to do here! It will not work!

You are using sqlite as token database in pi.cfg. Why? You know that sqlite usually can only have one concurrent connection? You should not use it, unless you know, what you are doing.

You are configuring a user resolver, on the same sqlite database? Why? (see above).
You should be careful with using sqlite. If you are using the same sqlite database as token database and additional userstore, this will most probably fail. The thing is, you are very sparse with log information. We are back on square 1 with guessing.

If you really know what you are doing and you need to use sqlite with everything (did I say you should not use sqlite in a productive environment with more than one user?), then you should at least put your users in another sqlite database to avoid connection blocking.

Take a look at the tool privacyidea-create-userdb. It creates the sqlite database and the sqlresolver configuration.