SMS Gateway is not working

I am trying to integrate the privacyIDEA server with our SMS Gateway. But it is not sending out any messages. I already enabled the DEBUG log level, but I can’t see there is being send out a GET to the gateway. Is there a log file I am missing? I checked the privacyidea.log under /var/log/privacyidea

When I send a curl (GET) from the privacyIDEA server CLI the SMS is being delivered to my phone.
Connection is working. No firewall problem.

curl ‘
ID: 2760

Here is the output from the system documentation:

System Base Configuration

sms.identifier: SMS-Test

sms.Provider: privacyidea.lib.smsprovider.HttpSMSProvider.HttpSMSProvider

Configuration of the SMS Identifier/Gateway
Name: SMS-Test
Provider: privacyidea.lib.smsprovider.HttpSMSProvider.HttpSMSProvider

All the other parameters are configured as options:
text = {otp}
cat = 1
to = {phone}

Thank you guys.

Welcome to the privacyIDEA community.

You should get an output in the privacyidea.log.

Are you running on CentOS or RHEL? This could rather be an SELinux problem.

Thanks for the welcome :smiley:
I am running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
Tried all the different log levels (Debug, Info, Warning, Error)
In the log I can see that the SMS token is generated but nothing about the GET command & return code.

I realize you did not tell, what you are actually doing.

Have you read this?
The user needs to authenticate with his first factor. This will send the SMS.
Then check the audit log!
If you are really doing what is documented, then the log file will contain debut output.

Guess what: It is working actually :slight_smile:
I expected to receive an initial OTP when enrolling the SMS token. When authenticating with my configured PIN the text message is being send to my mobile phone. I was reading the documentation before but got on the wrong track.

Have a nice sunday.

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Thanks for the feedback!