SMS dynamic_phone


I’m using SMS token for my users and it’s working fine, however when I enroll a sms token with “Read number dynamically from user source on each request.” while authenticating, no SMS Token is being sent.
I checked “phone” attribute for user and the number is showing fine


  • Manual number: working fine
  • dynamic_phone: not working

have you any idea how can fix this issue ?

Hi Reza,
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The question is, if your user store actually contains a mobile number (not a phone number).
So take a look at the user!
Then, take a look at the log file. Increase the log level to “info” or to “debug” and you will probably see more information.

Hi Cornelius,

Thanks for the hint, yes with Mobile number it is working now. I guess I have to change default LDAP resolver mapping to have AD Phone number mapped to Mobile in PrivacyIDea

Another question, after enrolling SMS token with [dynamic_phone ], if I change mobile number in Active Directory, will it get automatically updated in SMS token too ?


It is not “updated”. It is dynamically read from LDAP on each authentication request.

So short answer: yes.