SMS could not be sent: SMSError(error_id=400, description='SMS could not be sent: 400')"

Dear All,

I do have a question regarding SMS GW configuration, utilizing link mobility SMS GW. I configured the gateway but receiving always error code 400 when trying to send a SMS token.

SMSError(error_id=400, description=‘SMS could not be sent: 400’)"

I have secured that the connectivity is given and all required ports are opened.

Any idea what could be wrong?

Many Thx

Anybody any idea? I tried to send a SMS GW request by using the same parameters via Postman and that worked fine…

well You didn’t provide any more information like

  • which SMSProvider are You using
  • how did You configure it
  • which parameter did You give to Postman
  • did You take a look in the privacyidea error log (maybe also with debugging enabled)

There is just not enough information to provide some answer