SimpleSAMLphp v2.0.0 & PrivacyIDEA module

Dear all,
the version 2.0.0 of SimpleSAMLphp was released on 23-02-2023.
Here are listed useful notes for the upgrade:

I write this blog post to ask if exists a version of the popular simplesamlphp module for PrivacyIDEA that is compatible with the new version of SimpleSAMLphp.

Thank you so much to all of you,

Hi, we will be releasing the next version of our module shortly for SSP 1.19.
To be compatible with SSP 2.0, we will have to update our template stuff so it will take some more time (and probably be incompatible with 1.19 then).

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Thank you so much!

Do you have an approximate date for the last release of the SSP module?

No, not yet.
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