Set higher authentication-timeout in keycloak-plugin

we are experiencing problems with our provider and our VPN between our headquarter and our data center.
Authentication with keycloak → privacyidea (both data center) → active directory (headquarter) times out on keycloak side. PI authenticates correctly (I set a high timeout) but the KC-Plugin times out after 10 seconds.
Is there a setting for a higher timeout in the keycloak-plugin somewhere?

thanks for your help

the timeouts are currently not configurable, it uses the defaults of the HTTP client.
I created an issue for this with a test version that has the timeouts set to 30, just to check if that works before making it configurable.
If you want to test it, see here:

Hi Nils,
for which version of keycloak is this suitable? We are currently on KC 15
best regards

it was for 22+, i built another one for up to 20, its in the comment.

Thank you, we will test it

According to me the Keycloak plugin, You can adjust the timeout settings in your Keycloak server configuration. Locate the plugin configuration file and increase the connectionTimeout parameter to a higher value.