Session Limit and/or limit concurrent user logins

Are there any limitations on simultaneous connections? Is there any configuration I can do to adjust this type of configuration?
I have implemented version 2.3 of the privacy idea in my company and we use it for VPN authentication with Global Protect client.
We identify when there are a number of connections that exceed 100 simultaneous connections, the server remains inoperative and denies new connections. After a few minutes, connections are authorized. I need help to support at least 200 simultaneous connections, is it possible?

Please read this, it might help.

I read “that”, and then I opened the “400 pages of documentation” and searched for simultaneous, concurrent and then just “users” and didn’t see any hits for any limitation on users. I see in other threads that someone is using this for 1000 users so it must be possible. I just want to see what limitations or potential road blocks there are for organizations of around 400.

There are no programmatic limits.
Of course there are limits due to RAM, CPU, Webserver setup, worker processes…
However, it is not the responsibility or duty of the community to do performance optimazations for enterprise setups.

Thank you for your time and for your answer.