Sending OTP with Email

Sorry if This is a repeated question, but I couldn’t find any answer that actually works. I am new to PI, just installed it couple of days ago.

  • I configured smtp server and tested it. It works.
  • I configured LDAP and it fetches users correctly.
  • As a test, I created HOTP token and tested it using google authenticator. It works.
    -Now I want to send OTP by email. It doesn’t send the email. There is no error or warning in the log (Debug mode).
  • I have only one policy for webUI, to disable welcome message and increase in-activity timeout.
  • Read somewhere that I should make a policy for Authentication with “action:challenge_response=email”. But in the list of challenge_response there isn’t “Email” to select.

I am using PrivacyIdea 3.9 and after solving this problem, will try to use it for shibboleth MFA.
I appreciate any help in this regard.

Kind Regards,