Sending OTP with Email

Sorry if This is a repeated question, but I couldn’t find any answer that actually works. I am new to PI, just installed it couple of days ago.

  • I configured smtp server and tested it. It works.
  • I configured LDAP and it fetches users correctly.
  • As a test, I created HOTP token and tested it using google authenticator. It works.
    -Now I want to send OTP by email. It doesn’t send the email. There is no error or warning in the log (Debug mode).
  • I have only one policy for webUI, to disable welcome message and increase in-activity timeout.
  • Read somewhere that I should make a policy for Authentication with “action:challenge_response=email”. But in the list of challenge_response there isn’t “Email” to select.

I am using PrivacyIdea 3.9 and after solving this problem, will try to use it for shibboleth MFA.
I appreciate any help in this regard.

Kind Regards,

Hi, I’m also new to Pidea, but I’ve managed to figure out the configuration. I’d be happy to go through it together with you.

Did you read this?

and this?

…to actually understand challenge-response

and did you enroll that?