Remove users PI ver. 3.8.1

Hello, I setup PriviacyIdea version 3.8.1
– i use ActiveDirectory as ldap resolver

How do I remove users from Privacy Idea? It automatically imports users from AD, but if a user is removed from AD, they remain as a PrivayIdea User.

Any tips?

privacyIDEA reads users on demand. It does not “copy” users from userresolvers.

Please read the docs about userresolvers and realms.

Unless you configure the user-caching, a user will not be found by privacyIDEA anymore and will not be visible in privacyIDEA anymore, if you remove the user from LDAP or AD.

If you are using User-Cache (which is not the defaut behaviour!!!) you need to clean up the users from the cache.

Thanks Cornelinux,

I set this up last year, in a rush. I must have inadvertantly enabled User-Cache during the install.

Users that have been removed from AD weeks ago still persist locally on my privacyIDEA server.

Thanks again for the guidance :v: