Release 3.1 is closing in

Hi privacyIDEA-Users,

we are closing in on the privacyIDEA 3.1 release.
Internally we called in polishing policies - we did a lot in regards to policy.
We are publishing a devel build in the devel repos for ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04.
For those who would like to test the releases, you can install them from or

(see how to basically install on ubuntu)

or by forcing the devel version from the python package index like

pip install privacyidea==3.1dev2

We have some final polishing, compiling the changelog and testing but then we are good to go.
We appreciate any feedback.


pip install privacyidea=3.1dev2
  ERROR: Invalid requirement: 'privacyidea=3.1dev2'
  Hint: = is not a valid operator. Did you mean == ?

pip install privacyidea==3.1dev2
 Successfully installed ...
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