Redundancy problem with configuring 2 privacyideas

hi Cornelius
would like to ask you to take a look at the problem of redundant lines of privacyIDEA
I now have two PrivacyIDEA servers built based on Ubuntu, and I want to implement master-slave replication, or master-master replication. When the two environments are set up, they will report errors like “error1062, error1236, error1452”, so the slave server cannot achieve authentication. Could you please help me check the reason?Also, what replication technique should be used if privacyIDEA is to do redundant configuration? thanks
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With privacyIDEA an authentication request results in a write access to the database.
So if you are running a master-slave setup you can only use one node actively - the master. You can not use the slave node. In this scenario the slave would only be a hot standby system, which you would activate, in case the master goes down.

So usually you would be running a master-master setup.

You should consult a decent howto for setting up master-master replication. THis is totally indepent of privacyIDEA. One I used this one

Thank you very much for your reply and support.
I configured master-master replication at the beginning, but I also encountered errors like “error1062, 1032, 1054”, etc. I’m not sure whether I have configuration problems, I’m going to rebuild it again to confirm whether it is normal.