RADIUS forwarding to RSA with "passthru"

Hi there

I would like to forward authentications from users without an IDEA Token, to a existing RSA Radius.
The way to to this is a “passthru” policy.
I’ve already created a RADIUS Server in the System Config, but now I miss an todo what’s the next steps!

Is there an admin guide or a short tutorial to do this / to configure the passthru rule?


OK! I think i Found it!
It’s in the Policy Tab on the WebUI.

But further the question, is there an existing Admin Guide to this great Product??

RSA gets “paranoid” at times and asks to enter the next OTP value.
This back and forth might not work with PI in between…

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You can find the documentation here:

You can even get a PDF with 418 pages:

And you can get consultancy and support at