Questionaire token: Update answer of individual questions of existing token


I have some use case about the questionaire token that I would like to ask.

The questionaire token type is configured globally to have 5 questions and minimum 3 questions must be given an answer during enrollment.

After a questionnaire token is enrolled, is there a way (API) to update the answer of individual questions of that existing token? For example, token is enrolled with question #1, #2, #4, is there API to change the content of the answer to question #2 in the token; or add an answer for question #5 which is not chosen to answer during enrollment.

I am just curious about the possibility, I am totally okay if this feature is not support.

Best regards,
Quynh Nguyen

Hi Quynh,

the answers of an individual questionnaire token are stored in the token’s tokeninfo, and the tokeninfo of a token can be modified via the REST API (see here).
However, the stored answers are encrypted with the enckey (they have the tokeninfo type password), so you would have to encrypt the new answers with the enckey too, and I don’t think our REST API supports that. You could pass already-encrypted answers to the tolkeninfo API endpoint I referenced above, but this requires you to know the enckey on the caller’s side, which is probably a bad idea security-wise.
So I’m not aware of a good way to update the answers, but if you think this should be implemented, you are welcome to issue a feature request!

Best Regards