QR code via sms or email

This may be a two part question or feature request!
when using an ldap resolver: We dont use ldap for storing mobile numbers. Is it possible to manually enter a mobile number that would then send the {googleurl_value} via sms?

Also, outlook does not support inline images using base64, so using {googleurl_img}. in the email body does not work for us. Is it possible to send the image using CID or as an attachment?

I’m currently working on a POC, and I’m trying to figure out the easiest way to on-board new users that are not very tech savvy, and will be using their mobile device as their token.

No. You mean for notification - like in the notification handler?
Well, there is actually an issue at github that refers to additional user attributes or user options, that are managed within privacyIDEA. I think the phone number you mentioned would be such an attribute.

You may jump at this issue and see, if you can provide more ideas, so that this issue could become a feature…

No, this is not currently supported. (I was not aware, that outlook sucks that much.)
The notification does not support attachments. What is actually CID?
Nevertheless, alternative ways to deliver the QR should be somehow easily possible.
It happens here:

The easiest way depends a lot of your user structure and processes, that are already in place, and the location of users - to name a few factors.
(Actually this is often the topic of the consulting services of the company I work for)

  • You can work with registration tokens
  • With QR Code letters
  • With passthru - which you mentioned
  • with autoassignment of hardware tokens
  • you can facilitate the token-handler to disable newly enrolled tokens…
    (to name a few aspects)


thanks. a field for a phone number in the wizard/enroll ui would be great. I’ll add the request to the github issue.

Thanks for showing me where to find the code… im more of a generalist, but I’ll take a stab at playing with the code!

yes…outlook isn’t all that great at times…but it is a predominate client…I’m surprised this hasn’t come up before! CID is a way to get images in the body of an html of outlook. basicly you attach the img and then reference it in the body with something like <img src="cid:image1">

I’m not a dev, so I was unsuccessful at my attempt of attaching the googleurl_img to the email as an attachment. If you’re accepting bounties, please DM me what you think it would take to get this added! Ive also added the feature request to github https://github.com/privacyidea/privacyidea/issues/1226 :slight_smile:

I am not accepting bouties. But as a matter of fact I work for a company, that can be payed to do sensible developments :wink:

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@cornelinux I sent an email to the info address, and I’m currently waiting on a reply.
While continuing to test as a POC, it looks like some email clients (mainly on android), will not accept the {googleurl_value} and not launch the authentication app.

I’m trying to avoid self-service, as I’m trying to make the enrollment processes as simple to the end user as possible…but I might end up going down that road anyway.

This is the official URL with the specified intent. If the email clients do not open the authenticator, it is the smartphones fault. THere is absolutely nothing we can do about that!

Sorry I was not clear. I totally agree that this is a client issue, and not the URL being sent. I think I found a few google post stating it was even by design! the point I failed to get across was my use case need of being able to send the qr code in another manner!

fyi, I received the email reply. I went to reply, but today was a crazy day! Thanks again!

Not sure if you ever found a resolution to this but I was able to successfully embed the QR code for outlook by setting mimetype to html and wrapping the googleurl_img tag in html image tags. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to style the image so it’s pretty big.

<img src="{googleurl_img}" />