QR Code not shown

We are running a small server and want to enroll TOTP Tokens

We set up policies and everything is working fine so far. But we have a problem that QR code is not displayed in browser.
In Browser Developer Tools i can see the reuqest and response and can even preview the QR and can scan it even successfully. There is no hint on any error that the image is not displayed.

Any hint on this?

No. No hint.
Check your browser security settings.
Change the browser.
Empty the cache.
Do anything to change your browser situation.

Checked everything.
Different Endpoints with different browser and OS Versions, deleting Cache - always same behavior.

What is even killing my head is the browser is always showing that the request is served from cache. But as seen in screenshot the cache is disabled!

Can i somehow debug this further? Should this be loaded and displayed via CSS or JS?

I think this is obvious:

use a different browser

Use a different computer

Well tried that already - as it is obvious and already posted that it was already done.

and i did ask a very special question with no answer yet:
Is the qr-code loaded and displayed via a JS-Funnction or is there something done with CSS which could render the qr unvisible. (I’m not a frontend expert, so please help)

Thanks a lot that you share your spare time for supporting here!

The image should be displayed by the front-end js/html:

Since the image is in the response from the server, there isn’t any caching involved (it probably means, that the browser cached the HTML, which doesn’t change).
Have a look at the “Elemente” to view the final HTML, maybe there is a hint why the image is not displayed.

I’ve debugged this and found the issue. What leads me to the resolution was the fact that enrollment was possible when using the admin user.

So it had to be a policy:

  • totp_2step = was set to force
  • verify_enrollment = is set for totp

As stated in the documentation these two settings are not compatible with each other.