Q httpd apache modrewrite, second request leads to internal server error


I have installed privacyidea python package in apache access via WSGI. Working fine.
I also have another machine where I do a ProxyPass to the proxy server.
To mention: I use sqlite - as test…
Now the fun part begins:
Restarting both webservers.
Accessing Webserver1 from client → PI works :slight_smile:
Accessing Webserver2 from client → PI goes INTO 500 with
mod_wsgi (pid=11322): Target WSGI script ‘/etc/privacyidea/privacyideaapp.wsgi’ cannot be loaded as Python module.
mod_wsgi (pid=11322): Exception occurred processing WSGI script ‘/etc/privacyidea/privacyideaapp.wsgi’.

RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded in comparison

Restarting both webservers. AGAIN
Accessing Webserver2 from client → PI WORKS :slight_smile:
Accessing Webserver1 from client → PI goes into 500 AGAIN

I wonder, is there a “lock” which from the request server info will be written into db? Or a generall lock for the sqlite feature?
I am using sqllite - will it be fixed with any other DB?
can I configure it so, that itself gets resetted by time to time.
Or is it anywhere documented maybe? Can I set the “servername”, PI_INSTANCE? where eg. in emails then comes: you have to click this link… htttp:…:PORTNUMBER:/passwordrecovery

this error/feature is reproducable.


WSGIScriptAlias /a /etc/privacyidea/privacyideaapp.wsgi
WSGIPythonHome /opt/privacyidea/
WSGIPythonPath /opt/privacyidea/lib/python3.6/site-packages/
WSGIDaemonProcess privacyidea processes=2 threads=15 display-name=%{GROUP} user=privacyidea

ProxyPass /a http://xxx/a/
ProxyPassReverse /a http://xx/a/

Welcome to privacyIDEA!

It is not clear to me, why you are talking about a webserver2.

Here are some generic hints, how to drill down problems.

  • Always look an one problem after another. Do not put several problems into one post.
  • Always try to reduce complexity. ReverseProxy? Why? Would it run without it?
  • If a client communicates to a server and the server responds with an error. What would you do? Where would you look for more hints?
  • Do not trust single threaded software like sqlite in complex environments

Hi cornelinux :slight_smile:

It is not clear to me, why you are talking about a webserver2.

So I have on webserver1 PrivacyIdea installed.
This I need to access from another machine - therefore on this machine webserver2 there is a Proxy gooing to webserver1.
Its written in the beginning of my post - and its a problem with the privacy idea - as I have written its reproducable behaviour:
Depending on from which way I access the privacyidea server (wsgi) - the FIRST way works - the SECOND not goes to recursion / 500 on WEBSERVER1.
So it must be some env in the wsgi, which get setted by privacyidea.