Push token working in privacyidea but not in keycloak

I am testing privacyidea together with keycloak.
The mfa is handled by privacyidea:

push tokens are working when logging into privacyidea directly,
but if i try to login from keycloak (i have privacyidea correctly configured in the authentication flow),
I am forced to use the totp, hotp or email tokens while the push notification - I correctly receive it in my privacyidea app - does not have any effect.

Is it push notification supposed to work in the first place with such setting?

I am on privacyidea 3.6.3, provider v1.0.1, keycloak 16.1.0.

so you get the push token triggered (because the get the authentication request in the app)?
There should be a button on the keycloak login labelled “push”.
You can enable logging in the kc plugin config and access the log at …/keycloak/standalone/log/server.log.

my apologies, the anomaly was due to misconfiguration from my side. I confirm the behaviour you are describing :slight_smile: