Push Notification- Problem

Dear All,
i am able to get the push notification on iOS mobile, but when approving from push notification from mobile, FortiClient VPN still showing answer input field, I have set challenge response push in Authentication policy.
please suggest if i need to do anything else some where.
I thought, if i press approve from mobile it should automatically login and input field should disappear.
Please suggest.
using Latest PI iOS app and PI server both.

Dear All,
Any help on this please ?

you did not read the push-token specification. It is not a “normal” challenge-response, it’s an out-of-band-token.
So the automatic login is not possible via a standard RADIUS client. You approve on your mobile and then you have to click OK in the FortiClient.
If you are only using push-tokens you can activate push_wait in the authentication-policy.

Thank you so much for your revert, i am doing this-

  1. enter password in forticlient
  2. it ask to enter OTP
  3. at the same time, i get push notification on mobile and after approve, clicking on Login button in Fortuclient.

Result- failed ( after 80%)
This user have only push token assigned

I am using challange response TOTP as some of other user using TOTP
What wrong i am doing


noone can know, what is wrong.
For this we have the Audit Log (in the WebUI) and the log file itself. You need to take a look there.
It might be something with your policies or whatever. This would only be guessing.