Push Auth work great... for one day


first of all, push auth on ios works really great. But for me, it stop working after one day. Then i got the message: ERR401: Failed to submit message to firebase service. When i rollout a new push token, it is fine again for one day.

Don’t know where to search the problem.



this is from the debug log. Don’t know where I should search for:
[2020-08-19 15:46:23,916][33337][140656615900928][DEBUG][privacyidea.lib.crypto:200] Exiting aes_cbc_decrypt with result HIDDEN
[2020-08-19 15:46:23,917][33337][140656615900928][DEBUG][privacyidea.lib.crypto:200] Exiting decryptPassword with result HIDDEN
[2020-08-19 15:46:24,033][33337][140656615900928][WARNING][privacyidea.lib.smsprovider.FirebaseProvider:165] Failed to send message to firebase service: {
“error”: {
“code”: 404,
“message”: “Requested entity was not found.”,
“status”: “NOT_FOUND”,
“details”: [
@type”: “type.googleapis.com/google.firebase.fcm.v1.FcmError”,
“errorCode”: “UNREGISTERED”

[2020-08-19 15:46:24,034][33337][140656615900928][DEBUG][privacyidea.lib.auditmodules.base:186] Entering log with arguments (<privacyidea.lib.auditmodules.sqlaudit.Audit object at 0x7fed0dab3c10>, {‘info’: u’ERR401: Failed to submit message to firebase service.’}) and keywords {}
[2020-08-19 15:46:24,035][33337][140656615900928][DEBUG][privacyidea.lib.auditmodules.base:198] Exiting log with result None
[2020-08-19 15:46:24,054][33337][140656615900928][DEBUG][privacyidea.api.lib.utils:254] Can not get param: No JSON object could be decoded
[2020-08-19 15:46:24,056][33337][140656615900928][DEBUG][privacyidea.api.lib.utils:254] Can not get param: No JSON object could be decoded
[2020-08-19 15:46:24,059][33337][140656615900928][DEBUG][privacyidea.api.before_after:90] End handling of request u’/validate/check?’


Hi Markus,
the problem seems to be the Google Firebase <-> Apple Push Notification Framework connection. We have several reports of push token not being delivered on iOS.
We are currently working on a polling based solution so that push-tokens can still be used with iOS.

Hey Paul,

thank for your reply. Then I will wait for an update :wink:


After the Update to 3.4.1 everything works fine.


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You may also check the new Beta of the privacyIDEA IOS App.