PUSH and firebase again

I was checking the documentation and various sources about firebase configurations and push to the PI Authenticator app.

If I understand it correctly, in order to have (non-polling) push working, i need to do one of the 2 following (Ignoring possibility to spoof the creds from APK or get it from someone who already has the subscription):

  1. Buy subscription and get firebase credentials from NetKnights
  2. Fork PI Authenticator and build it with a different firebase credentials

This is information from documentation, however:

This page suggests, that I should be able to hand-over the firebase creds together with the enrollment QR code.

Do i understand it wrong? Ir is it possible to choose the Firebase project at runtime as described in above wiki?

Thanks anyone for clarifying this.

Hello, the concept described there with including the firebase config in the QR code is deprecated. Firebase was probably never intended to be used that way and we were no longer able to maintain this solution - especially when migrating our app to flutter.
So we decided to use firebase “as it is supposed to” and add the polling to reduce the loss of functionality without firebase to just not having a notification.
So yes, you have the 2 options you mentioned.

Thank you for information.

However, looks supported and documented by google to me: Configure multiple projects  |  Firebase

No. Not dynamically and this is what makes the difference here.
If you think otherwise and better, you are welcome to apply as App developer!

I see, yeah that makes sense :frowning:

Who should i contact regarding more information about subscription?

When forking the piauthenticator, there is an issue with Apple AppStore - they seem to refuse applications, that are for use of only one organization / entity.

Do NetKnights have some way to push the (branded) app to Apple AppStore if we buy an subscription?

Also, regarding the development of the piauthenticator and the PushToken idea - what is the real status of it? Is it only in concept or are there any WIP or preliminary code where we could start on? Note that this is not very probable choice, but I have asked our devs and they did ask for more details of the current state (if it’s only a concept/draft or if some code already exists, also)


push token have been implemented for a long time here: GitHub - privacyidea/pi-authenticator: OTP Authenticator App for privacyIDEA Authentication Server

Wait, according to pi-authenticator/identifiers.dart at master · privacyidea/pi-authenticator · GitHub
it seems, that the push token is not disabled / removed yet. Does it actually still work? If yes, is there a scheduled timeline for removal?

Push token will not be removed. They work in any case with poll. If you download the app from the playstore and do not have a subscription, you can not use firebase to get push notifications.

What was removed is that you were able to create your own firebase project and have the parameters for that passed in the rollout QR code. Our firebase project is hardcoded into the app now.