Problems not receiving Apple Push Notifications

Hi all!

We have been setting up and configuring privacyIDEA over the past week and have found it very easy to setup and modify. We have got it to a point where we are almost ready to test it with a broader group of users.

We have setup push tokens using this guide for android and it has been working perfectly for our android devices and testing our workflows.

Our last hurdle before we begin testing is to get push tokens to work on Aple devices. We have followed the information provided in

However when we run /validate/check?user=username&pass= against the user enrolled on the apple device we do not receive any notifications or option to allow or dismiss the request. Looking through the debug and running packet trace we can see a request being sent to firebase and the debug log confirming this [DEBUG][privacyidea.lib.smsprovider.FirebaseProvider:162] Message sent successfully to Firebase service.

I believe we have configured the smsgateway correctly as per the guides and documentation

We are not sure where next to look to continue troubleshooting and would appreciate any assistance :slight_smile:


We saw a similar problem with a customer lately, which whom we had a remote session.

It looks like sometimes ANS is simply hanging. After “a while” messages started to roll in. There is no guaranteed delivery with Apple Notification Service or Google Push.