Problem with auth_cache: authentication time increases until timeout


I tested the auth_cache (since I initially thought I’d need it)
Now I had the following behavior:

  • as soon as the auth_cache is activated, the duration of the authentication continues to increase until the server times out
  • I tested it with HOTP,OTP,Yubikey(cloud), identical behavior everywhere
  • I tried different settings for the auth_cache e.g. 1m, 1m/2 and so on
  • I use the Freeradius plugin for authentication

Now I’m not sure if it’s just configured wrong, do I have to pay attention to something else when using the auth_cache?
I don’t need it anymore, but maybe it’s a bug so i thought it might be helpful.
Here I only logged in 5 times to show how the duration increases.
If I had logged in more often, it would have gone up even more.
First picture without auth_cache, second picture with auth_cache on 1m/2:

No auth_cache:

auth_cache 1m/2:

Maybe someone can reproduce that.

Best Regards

Thanks for noting.

Can not reproduce this. My wild guess, some weird combiniation of your userstore and freeradius doing retries.


In case that should be helpful:
The user store is AD (ldapresolver) - we don’t use the sAMAccountName but a self-created login attribute.
Everything else is on default configuration.