PrivacyIDEA + VNC


I am new here and hoping that you will help me out.

I would like to use privacyidea with VNC and I have been looking for write-ups about this but I have been hitting a wall.

Can privacyidea work with VNC?

It is not clear, what you really want!

Try adapting your google search.


privacyidea vnc

will not create any results then try to drill down your details.
What authentication protocol is used by VNC? Then adapt your google search to

privacyidea <auth protocol used by VNC>

…and go on from there.

I want to implement MFA using privacyIDEA for VNC connections.

I have tried searching for a way of using privacyIDEA for VNC connections to no avail.
If you could please let me know how I could do this.

Kindly assist me, sir

You need to find out whatt is the authentication protocol you are using in VNC.
Is it PAM?

Then you can look into how PAM works with privacyIDEA.