PrivacyIdea SSL-VPN Radius Integration

Hello All,

I have recently joined the Infrastructure department of an organization and asked to deploy an open-source 2FA solution for SSL-VPN login. We are using a Fortigate firewall for VPN and AD for end-user authentication.

I have installed PrivacyIdea in centOS and i’m able synchronize the users from AD.

Can you please help me with below queries-

  1. What will be architecture of Radius, AD,firewall(VPN) and PrivacyIdea?
  2. Do we need additional plugin for Radius?
  3. Is it an open source or a commercial solutions


  1. Clarify your question.
  2. Just the Radius plugin in PI.
  3. Open source. If you need support, you’ll pay.
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Hello @Nikhil_Jaisawal,

welcome to the privacyIDEA community.
Thank you for your very good question. It helped me to understand what I need to clarify.
Please read this:

I actually just finished implementing this with a Fortigate. You’ll use the privacyidea-freeradius plugin to get the Fortigate authenticating against PrivacyIDEA.

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Hi @Nikhil_Jaisawal

I hope you read my lengthy post and now have a better understanding of the privacyIDEA universe.

Here you find a talk, which I held in 2018 at the linux fest north west. I explain the integration of privacyIDEA.