Privacyidea + Radius + AD + BigIP

Hello, I am testing right now privacyIdea, in order to get work 2FA with Active Directory over VPN (BigIP).

My configuration is working as far as I know, unless for Active Directory password authentication method.

  • LDAP and Machines resolvers are connected properly.

When I try to login with Big IP with AD username + AD password its not working. While I can login to it via AD username + PIN + HOTP/TOTP.

We need to configure so that it can login with AD Username + AD password, then it should ask for access-challenge like Enter your OTP : "

Please support me on this, as I am new to PrivacyIdea. I am not able to understand how can I create Authentication.

you have to change in your authentication-policy otppin = userstore

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Thanks its works fine